About us

At the Catholic Music Initiative, we embrace the transformative power of beautiful liturgy, bringing timeless sacred music to the forefront of worship. Our mission is to infuse simplicity, prayerfulness, and a deep God-orientation into every note, fostering a profound sense of reverence and communal participation in the Mass.

Harmonizing Tradition and Faith Through Music

The Catholic Music Initiative is dedicated to enriching the liturgical experience by seamlessly blending the beauty of traditional sacred music with contemporary expressions of faith. Our approach is rooted in simplicity and timelessness, aiming to deepen the spiritual journey of congregations through music that resonates with the soul and uplifts the heart.

Watch How It All Began.

Our story of how we came to be.

Elevating Liturgical Worship Through Sacred Music

Our mission at the Catholic Music Initiative is to reinvigorate the musical element of the Catholic Mass, making it more singable, prayerful, and centered on God. We strive to create an atmosphere where music not only enhances worship but also deepens the congregation's participation, fostering a closer, more intimate relationship with the Divine.

Meet Dave & Lauren, our Founders

Meet Dave & Lauren Moore, the passionate founders of the Catholic Music Initiative, who blend their love for God, family, and sacred music to inspire and unify the faithful in worship.

Dave Moore


A joy-filled disciple, Dave Moore honors God through his music, ministry, and family. As a singer-songwriter, producer, and liturgist, he prioritizes the bride of Christ over artistic ambition, bridging contemporary and traditional styles to enhance liturgical engagement. Dave's passion lies in fostering unity within the church, with a deep desire to see the Eucharistic Lord revered in the hearts of the faithful. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Lauren, and their daughter.

Lauren Moore


Lauren Moore founded Catholic Music Initiative alongside her husband Dave. With a background in vocal performance from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and The University of Texas at Austin, Lauren has sung and directed in over a thousand recordings. Her unique crossover Soprano style blends opera, chant, and popular expressions, reflecting her commitment to orienting God's people towards divine worship. Lauren currently contributes to CMI's partnership with the Hallow app through her chant arrangements.

Meet Our Team

Charles Longoria

chief Producer

Raiza Pantoja

Social media

Nico Cabrera

Spanish resource lead

Natalie Miller

transcription team

Patrick O'Brien

Transcription team

Erin Doyle

Artist & Contributer

Amanda Hock

Artist & Contributer

Vero Sanfilippe

Artist & Contributer

Andrew Laubacher

Artist & Contributer

Laurita Keeler

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Johnny Philip

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Kevin Kapchiniski

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Becka Gerhart

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Jesse Fox

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Joe Zambon

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Julia Durbin

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Nick Sungenis

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Leanne Dang

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Danielle Trompeter

Artist & Contributer

Statement of Faith

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It's About the Liturgy, Not Us

The Sacred Liturgy, entrusted to the Church by Christ, is not a canvas for personal preference but a timeless treasure drawing us into unity with Christ and our community. Our role in this is to enliven the Mass with liturgical music that serves the diverse community of believers, enabling worship that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, uniting us before God.

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Resting in His Heart

In the midst of life's complexities, we aim to emulate John the Beloved's example of resting in Christ’s presence. Our community focuses on listening to God's heart, letting go of distractions and preconceptions, to truly align our actions and intentions with His will.

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Uniting the Family of God

Embracing the inclusive spirit of the Catholic Faith, we invite everyone to Mass - regardless of their background or knowledge. Our music serves as a universal language, bridging gaps and uniting us in worship as one family in Christ, celebrating our individuality while being wholly united with Him.

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Simplicity in Worship

In line with the Church's vision for active participation in the Mass, we strive for simplicity in our music. Our goal is to make liturgical music accessible, avoiding complexity that overshadows the essence of worship. We believe in the beauty of simplicity, where music is a welcoming gateway to divine worship for everyone, regardless of their theological or musical expertise.

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Breaking Down Barriers in Worship

We envision the Mass as a sanctuary where all pretenses fall away, allowing authentic self-expression in God’s presence. Our music and artistry aim to create moments of wonder and joy, accessible across languages and styles, inviting everyone to a worship experience that truly reflects their personal relationship with God.

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Singing to Amplify God's Voice

We create music that embodies God's voice, resonating beauty and art that stirs the soul. The Church's tradition of singing the Mass is our guiding principle, aiming to make God's voice audible, moving hearts and inviting a response. Our music seeks to be a conduit for God’s voice, rejuvenating hearts and guiding the lost back to Him.