Revitalizing Sacred Music in the Mass

Experience the transformative power of music in worship with the Catholic Music Initiative. We blend tradition with melody to create a prayerful atmosphere in every Mass, engaging congregations and deepening the spiritual journey.

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The Catholic Music Initiative is dedicated to transforming the experience of the Mass, fostering deeper spiritual engagement through music. Our approach combines traditional reverence with innovative resources, offering specialized training for church musicians and clergy, and comprehensive Liturgy planning tools. By revitalizing worship practices, CMI strives to create a more immersive and participatory Mass, nurturing a stronger, more connected church community.

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Dave and Lauren Moore, founders of the Catholic Music Initiative, embody a harmonious blend of artistic talent and devout faith. Dave, a singer-songwriter, producer, and liturgist, focuses on bridging contemporary and traditional music in worship, with a deep desire to unify the church through sacred song. Lauren, with her unique talent for blending operatic, chant, and popular styles, complements this mission. Together, they strive to lead CMI with a vision that places our Lord at the heart of worship, enriching the spiritual experience of the Mass through music that orients the hearts and minds of the congregation towards God.

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We offer reverent, singable, engaging music for all genres of worship.

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I am pleased to both endorse CMI and give them permission to use the name “Catholic Music Initiative” in accord with Canon 300 of the Code of Canon law.

Bishop Edward J. Burns
Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas

Dave and Lauren’s work is truly a gift to the Church. They have an incredible ability to lead the congregation to deeper prayer while being sensitive to the needs of the sacred liturgy.

Senator Rick Santorum
Former US Congressman

I have had much success using the beautiful CMI Mass settings, both Mass of Peace and Mass of Advent. The congregation can sing them, and they are adaptable enough to be used by both my traditional and contemporary choirs.

Erin Doyle
Music Director

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